Fee Schedule

Effective March 1, 2015

Savings Account Fees

Savings Fee:

$1.00 per withdrawal, after 3 per month

Inactivity Fee:

$5.00 per month

Checking Account Fees

Overdraft fee:

$1.00 per item

NSF fee:

$25.00 per item

Returned Item fee:

$5.00 per item

Stop Payment fee:

$25.00 per item

Check Printing fee:

Prices may vary depending upon style

Paid Check Copies:

$3.00 per item

Statement Copy:

$1.00 per page

Account Activity Print-out

$1.00 per page

Temporary Check:

$0.10 per check

Rejected Item:

$0.25 per item

Business Checking Fees

Service Charge:

$10.00/month, if your minimum balance is not maintained and with a limit of 15 checks. A fee of $0.25 for each additional check exceeding the 15 check limit.

Courtesy Pay

NSF – Paid or Returned Unpaid:

$25.00 per item

Other Service Fees

Account Reconciliation fee:

$25.00 per hour

Account Research fee:

$25.00 per hour

Statement Copy fee:

$1.00 per page

Deposit Item Return fee:

$5.00 per item

Collection (incoming) fee:

No charge

Collection (outgoing) fee:

$25.00 per item

Wire Transfer (outgoing) fee:

$25.00 per transfer

Western Union Wire fee:

$35.00 per transfer

International Wire fee:

$40.00 per transfer

Account Closure:

$15.00 if closed within 90 days of opening account

Mail Returned Undelivered:

$5.00 per month

Foreign Currency:

$20.00 (1 week delivery)

Fax (Incoming):

No Charge

Fax (Outgoing):

$3.00 for the first page; $1.00 for each additional page

Credit Union Check made payable to 3rd party:

$5.00 per check

Stop Payment on Credit Union Check:

$30.00 per check

Gift Envelope:

$0.10 per envelope

Nonproprietary ATM:


ATM Balance Inquiry fee:

$0.35 per inquiry

Debit Card Replacement fee:


Debit Card Reinstatement fee:


Additional Debit Card


Liens, Levies, Judgments, Warrants, Child Support, etc.


Overnight Mail Delivery (USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.)


Credit Union Bag

$4.00 per bag

Gift cards

Purchase fees:

Cards $100.00 or less - $3.00

Cards $100.01-$1,000.00 - $5.00

Monthly Card:

$2.95/Month beginning in the 7th month after Card Issuance

Card Replacement fee:


Exceeding Card Value fee:


Transaction or Statement Copy fee:




**If you are entitled to a refund for any reason for goods or services obtained with you Card, you agree to accept credits to your Card for such refunds. It may take up to 7 days for amount of the refund to be credited to your card.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Annual Account Maintenance fee:

$15.00 per year

Account Termination fee:

$25.00 if closed within 180 days of opening account

Credit Union Membership

Membership Share:

$50.00 par value


The rates and fees appearing in this Schedule are accurate and effective for accounts as of the Effective Date indicated on this Rate and Fee Schedule.  If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union at 940-692-7096.

Tips to open an account: Be sure to bring you drivers license (or other valid photo ID) and your social security card. Opening an account is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes.  For more information about opening an account, contact a Member Services Representative at 940-692-7096 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.