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 Latest Credit Union News:

K-Mart Compromise

Sears Holdings, Kmart’s parent company, announced that payment systems at some of its 735 Kmart retail locations in the U.S. were infected with malware and card data from some in-store transactions were compromised. The breach involved malware designed to steal credit and debit card data from hacked point-of-sale (POS) devices. The malware copies account data stored on the card’s magnetic stripe. Armed with that information, thieves can effectively clone the cards and use them to buy high-priced merchandise from electronics stores and big box retailers.

The malware was successfully removed from all Kmart payment systems, but the investigation is ongoing. At this time the corporation is working to identify the number of Kmart locations affected and the timeframe of the compromise event. The investigation indicated no online customers or Sears locations were affected.

Debit and Credit cardholders must be diligent. Please be aware that as with any card compromise, phishing may occur as fraudsters attempt to trick cardholders into providing missing information in order to perpetrate fraud.

We need your help, if you have visited Kmart and paid with a credit or debit card we encourage you to please notify our member services department at 940-692-7096 or 800-288-1642 immediately.


Out of Town ATMs

WFTFCU is part of a Co-op of ATMs across the country.  Members can use any of these ATMs surcharge free!  To find these ATMs on the go, download this app for iPhone or Android! Or you can text a zip code to 91989 to find nearby ATM and Shared Branch Locations.