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New and Used Cars and Trucks

Same low-interest rate regardless if it’s new or used! *Rate is 1% higher for Vehicles 10-Years and older.

Boats, Motorcycles and RVs

Don’t forget your adventurous side! Whether you want to ride or sail off into the sunset, WFTFCU has you covered.


You can use this loan for things like furniture or new appliances.

Share and Certificate Secure

Borrow against your WFTFCU savings or certificate account balances to get a much lower rate!

Line of Credit

This is a loan where you have the control! Easily transfer funds into your account by speaking with a teller, going to your online banking, or even straight from your Mobile App with no hassle.  You have easy access without having to get loan officer approval every time! The LOC is perfect for unexpected expenses or wedding planning.

Home Equity

You can borrow up to 80% of your current home tax appraisal value minus your mortgage balance.  This loan can be used for home remodels, debt consolidation and more!  You can download the Home Equity packet now

Auto Refinance

There is a $100 bill waiting for you when you refinance your auto loan with us! It’s easier than you may think to refinance.  We only need 3 things from you:

1. a copy of your original signed contract

2. name, phone number and account number of your current lender

3. the mileage and color of your vehicle

Call a loan officer today at 940-692-7096 to get started!

*minimum loan amount of $10,000

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